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Something Big..........

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Something Big..........

Post by sazhazey on Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:40 am

The waiting is over, after over 3 months in planning, developement and testing, I can now reveal that the Something Big is...............

Yes that is right The Hazey has now got its own Topsite but not any normal aardvark topsite like other forums and websites you see on the net but instead fully one of a kind custom built phpBB topsite that is fully intergrated into the phpBB software. There is no need to register again to use it as it is part of the software. The big thanks goes to the developer Imkingdavid of phpBB and phpBB Developers, who took my idea and made it a reality, he has put in some long hours in to get it how I wanted it. He has done one hell of a job hence the VIP status, another thank you goes to be beta tester Fowler for the help on testing it. Finaly it has it's own domain name http://www.thehazey-topsite.co.uk

So how does it work? All you do is simply follow the steps below:

How To Use The Topsite

  • Go into your UCP and click on the topsite panel http://thehazey.co.uk/ucp.php?i=topsite&mode=index
  • Fill in all the details it asks you
  • Wait for a moderator to check and approve your site
  • Once approved, add the topsite button to your site that is sent in the approved pm
  • Done your site is on the topsite.

Rules & Guidelines

  • To use the topsite you must have 10 posts here at The Hazey.
  • To submit your topsite it costs 25.00TH cash, which is automatically deducted
  • All sites will be checked and approved by a moderator first
  • You must add the button you are sent, any site that does not display the button will have their site removed.
  • All sites must adhere to the the following rule: Sites must not allow the advertising of warez, sites containing illegal content (including illegal downloads), adult material, child pornography (any porn for that matter), hate sites such as racist sites and personal information sharing sites (this includes the sale/giveaway of emails).
  • Please make sure you add a banner and correct details.

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Re: Something Big..........

Post by Andrew on Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:52 pm

I'm not a member of your forum but I'm excited! Sick hazey topsite! I edited the size for you xD

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