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Graphics - Guidelines

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Graphics - Guidelines

Post by Andrew on Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:58 pm

We Promotion Spot privde you a Graphic Service! This is a place to show off your graphics, request for some and many more! We bring you a guide/procedure through the Graphics Section.

Forum Definitions:

Graphics Request - If you do not know how to create graphics you may come here and request them for yourselve to us while others will help you around with you graphic request.

Graphic Proposal - This is a place to show off your work, this is for the public meaning anybody can freely take them there are no restrictions be happy and take these showed off graphics.

Self-Service Gallery - All accepted Graphic Proposal's are placed in the Self-Service Gallery, remember to first look here for what your looking for then requesting. Everything here is free too.

If you would like to request a graphic, we suggest you should use the template below to request. Thank you.

Nature Of Creation: [The type of graphic you are requesting]
Size: [Size in pixels]
Pictures: [Any pictures or anything]
Text: [What text do you want inserted]
Font: [Font download link IF ANY]
Text Color: [Text Color]
Main Colors: [Main colors]
Final Comments: [Self explanatory]

[b]Nature Of Creation:[/b] [color=blue][i][The type of graphic you are requesting][/i][/color]
[b]Size:[/b] [color=blue][i][Size in pixels][/i][/color]
[b]Pictures:[/b] [color=blue][i][Any pictures or anything][/i][/color]
[b]Text:[/b] [color=blue][i][What text do you want inserted][/i][/color]
[b]Font:[/b] [color=blue][i][Font download link IF ANY][/i][/color]
[b]Text Color:[/b] [color=blue][i][Text Color][/i][/color]
[b]Main Colors:[/b] [color=blue][i][Main colors][/i][/color]
[b]Final Comments:[/b] [color=blue][i][Self explanatory][/i][/color]

• All members have the ability to work on a request
• Graphic Designers please tag a request "In Progress" if you are working on it
• Avoid requesting by via PM
• No critizing, spamming or flaming
• Try requesting with a clear title

Please if a Graphic Desiginer is working on your request do not complain it is taking too long. They have their own life especially school. Don't blame. If it takes more than 2-3 days please via PM Kevin, Forum Administrator immediently. We will figure out what has gone wrong. If their was a mistake, no blaming we will find someone else. If the person is sick, or grounded or whatever for whatever reason, that will be accepted. No one will be trying to fake and lie to the Administrator because eventually we will find out and there will be consequences. Thank you for you co-operation.

Written by Kevin

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